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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions for Knife Sales

When you purchase a knife from Artifact Metalworks we hope you will enjoy using it for a lifetime. A condition of purchase is that you acknowledge that Artifact Metalworks, LLC and the people associated with the manufacture, distribution and sale of this knife to you are in no way responsible for any injury or other damages arising out of its use.

Artifact Metalworks knives are precision instruments and must be taken care of to ensure high performance. Always properly store the knife. After using the knife, be sure to clean it using soap and hot water, while being careful not to cut yourself. After cleaning the knife, thoroughly dry the knife to prevent rust formation. A light coat of oil should be applied to the blade to further prevent corrosion if the knife will not be used or otherwise stored for long periods of time. Sharpen the blade regularly to maintain the knife’s cutting performance.

Artifact Metalworks knives are extremely sharp and are capable of causing serious injury or death if not handled properly. These knives contain a relatively high carbon content and are thus susceptible to breakage, which can also cause serious injury. All knives are inherently dangerous and you agree not to hold us liable to you for any damages arising from or connected to your use of our knives.

If you have any questions about your knife, please be in touch.


Jared Ondovchik │ Principal, Artifact Metalworks, LLC

Instagram: artifactmetalworks